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FSR Manifesto : an EU Agenda for the Upcoming Five Years of Regulation of infrastructures

Author(s): FINGER Matthias, GLACHANT Jean-Michel, PARCU Pier Luigi, SAUSSIER Stéphane

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This Manifesto is the first systematic attempt of the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) to critically reflect upon the achievements of the 2nd Barroso Commission in the various network industries. We also endeavour to establish a realistic outlook onto the challenges that await the Juncker Commission in the various network industries in terms of regulatory policy. The critical assessment done in this Manifesto aims to: first, give, in every chapter, a systematic, consistent and comprehensive look at the results obtained and the challenges ahead in the different sectors; second, reflect upon these sectoral goals in the wider perspective of the network industries; and third, encourage a European-wide debate so as to engage a wider competent audience in the reflection upon the European Union’s regulatory policies in the network industries for the upcoming legislative term.