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European Transport Regulation Observer – Mobility-as-a-Service: from the Helsinki experiment to a European model?

Author(s): FINGER Matthias, BERT Nadia, KUPFER David

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This edition of the European Transport Regulation Observer focuses on the 3rd Florence Intermodal Forum, which brought together decision makers and stakeholders from the European Commission, national authorities, and operators to discuss the state of play of this development by focussing on the Mobility-as-a-Service paradigm. It did so by discussing the concept, and what it could develop into in the context of congestion problems and changing mobility patterns. It addressed existing obstacles to intermodality as well as past experiences with intermodal offers by operators. Given the new trends and possibilities of a more connected society it appears that regulation has to pave the way for these trends to translate into a smarter mobility system.

The European Transport Regulation Observer is a series of Workshop Paper aimed at highlighting some of the most interesting issues and remarks of the Florence Forums from the perspective of applied research, providing the readers with some news on the topic and additional suggestion for further readings.

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