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European Transport Regulation Observer – A European single market for road transport?

Author(s): FINGER Matthias; BERT Nadia; BOUCHARD Kathryn; KUPFER David

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The European market for road transport suffers several imperfections: social conditions of workers are in a poor state and open market access for European transport companies within the EU is not fully implemented either. Some hauliers go around exiting rules and make use of “letterbox” companies to circumvent labour laws of the country they are actually primarily operating in. Better protection of workers from such practices is essential. However, uncoordinated national initiatives to protect national workers (e.g. minimum wage laws, prohibition for drivers to have their regular weekly rest in the cabin of the vehicle) risk to fragment the international road transport market in the EU.

In 2016 the European Commission published its Road Transport Strategy for Europe, and the Florence Road Forum brought together the most relevant stakeholders and experts to discuss one of the major endeavours of the strategy: establishing a free market for transport services and protecting the workers in the sector from unfair competition.

The European Transport Regulation Observer is a series of Policy Briefs aimed at highlighting some of the most interesting issues and remarks of the Florence Forums from the perspective of applied research, providing the readers with some news on the topic and additional suggestion for further readings.

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