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European Energy Policy: Could It Be Better?

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With an introduction by
Lord Mogg (President of the Council of European Energy Regulators),
Fulvio Conti (CEO of ENEL) and
Daniel Dobbeni (President of ENTSO-E & Chairman of the Board of Eurogrid International).

The Florence School of Regulation is a major centre of excellence in the field of energy research. […] This booklet contains recent examples of the valuable contribution that FSR continues to make to current challenges that face regulators (and policy makers) in Europe and on behalf of European energy regulators I am grateful to all those who have contributed to this work. – Lord Mogg

The Florence School of Regulation, born within the broader setting of the European University Institute, is in fact among the most valuable players to exchange views with and to provide inputs and insights on next challenges and their possible solutions. – Fulvio Conti

The contents illustrate the many tests facing energy regulation and industry in the drive to meet one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century: a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy supply for everyone in Europe. – Daniel Dobbeni


This e-booklet gathers some research carried out by FSR Energy since 2010, looking at various topics: from smart grids to Schengen-like energy agreements, and from incentive regulation to European Gas Target Model. Thanks to its interactive format you can easily access our working papers, research reports, journal articles, interviews and webinars on different topics.