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EU Energy Law & Policy Handbook 2011.The 2nd edition.

Author(s): AHNER Nicole, DE HAUTECLOCQUE Adrien, GLACHANT Jean-Michel

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What is the European energy strategy for 2011-2020 and beyond? Which role will the new European regulatory agency ACER play? What is the road ahead to achieve the 20/20/20 targets? How is the issue of security of supply and infrastructure addressed? This 2nd edition of the EU Energy Law & Policy Yearbook is the outcome of the 6th Claeys & Casteels annual conference (Brussels 19th/20th January 2011). It introduces the reader to the most recent opinions, assessments and tendencies in EU energy law and policy making. The views presented include those of the EC, major industry players and prominent academics. The topics investigated include: the energy policy of new EC in the light of the recent European Council; the priorities of the EC for the internal energy market and the future of ACER; EU competition and state aid policy in the energy markets; steps for achieving the 20/20/20 targets and beyond; EU policy on energy security and infrastructure. Providing ample insights on highly topical issues, this book will foster the debate among academics and policymakers, industry and public authorities, conference participants and non-participants, and all those involved or interested in the field of EU energy policy.