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Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy | Volume 1 Number 3

Editor(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, JOSKOW Paul, POLLITT Michael

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Jean-Michel Glachant (FSR Director) is editor-in-chief of the Economics Of Energy & Environmental Policy, Paul L. Joskow (MIT and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, USA) and Michael Pollitt (Cambridge University, United Kingdom) are editors and Sophia Ruester (FSR Research Fellow) is Managing Editor.

Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy (EEEP), established as a publication of the International Association for Energy Economics in 2012, is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, policy-oriented Journal. It provides a scholarly and research-based, yet easily read and accessible source of information on contemporary economic thinking and analysis of policy issues in the interface between energy and environmental economics. Published twice a year, the Journal wants to nurture a dialogue between academics, business and public authorities.

Volume 1 Number 3

Sympsosium on 'The Golden Age of Gas (Market Design)'

Rethinking Gas Markets and Capacity
Larry E. Ruff

Marginal Costs with Wings a Ball and Chain Pipelines and Institutional Foundations for the U.S. Gas Market
Jeff D. Makholm

Designing the European Gas Market: More Liquid & Less Natural?
Miguel Vazquez, Michelle Hallack, and Jean-Michel Glachant

Regular Articles

German Nuclear Policy Reconsidered: Implications for the Electricity Market
Michaela Fursch, Dietmar Lindenberger, Raimund Malischek, Stephan Nagl, Timo Panke, and Johannes Truby

Cost-effectiveness and Economic Incidence of a Clean Energy Standard
Bryan K. Mignone, Thomas Alfstad, Aaron Bergman, Kenneth Dubin, Richard Duke, Paul Friley, Andrew Martinez, Matthew Mowers, Karen Palmer, Anthony Paul, Sharon Showalter, Daniel Steinberg, Matt Woerman, and Frances Wood

Impacts of Biofuels Policies in the EU
Monica Padella, Adele Finco, and Wallace E. Tyner

Development and Application of Greenhouse Gas Performance Benchmarks in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Stefan Pauer

Linking Emission Trading Schemes: A Short Note
Georg Grull and Luca Taschini