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Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy | Volume 4 Issue 2

Author(s): STIGLITZ Joseph, TIROLE Jean, WEITZMAN Martin

Editor(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel, JOSKOW Paul, POLLITT Michael

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The September issue of Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy (EEEP) features a special symposium on the international climate negotiations, featuring articles by Nobel Laureates Jean Tirole and Joseph E. Stiglitz and a key contribution from the economist Martin L. Weitzman, the father of the “Prices vs Quantities” policy.

These articles are available under an Open Access license as part of the IAEE's goals to advance the field of energy economics through the effective dissemination of high quality research.  


Symposium on ‘International Climate Negotiations’ 


Peter Cramton, Axel Ockenfels, and Steven Stoft

Negotiating effective institutions against climate change 

Christian Gollier and Jean Tirole

Overcoming the Copenhagen Failure with Flexible Commitments 

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Internalizing the Climate Externality: Can a Uniform Price Commitment Help? 

Martin L. Weitzman

An International Carbon-Price Commitment Promotes Cooperation 

Peter Cramton, Axel Ockenfels, and Steven Stoft


Regular Articles

Security of Supply, the Role of Interconnectors and Option Values: Insights from the GB Capacity Auction

David Newbery and Michael Grubb 

The Green Paradox of U.S. Biofuel Subsidies: Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Maura Allaire and Stephen P. A. Brown 

Revisiting the Cost Escalation Curse of Nuclear Power: New Lessons from the French Experience

Lina Escobar Rangel and Francois Leveque 

Evaluating Renewable Portfolio Standards for In-State Renewable Deployment: Accounting for Policy Heterogeneity

Gireesh Shrimali, Gabriel Chan, Steffen Jenner, Felix Groba, and Joe Indvik 

Towards a general “Europeanization” of EU Member States’ energy policies?

Sebastian Strunz, Erik Gawel, and Paul Lehmann 

All quiet on the western front? Transmission capacity development in the Nordic electricity market

Mari Makkonen, Mats Nilsson, and Satu Viljainen 


Book Reviews

Climate Policy and Nonrenewable Resources. The Green Paradox and Beyond, edited by Karen Pittel, Rick van der Ploeg, and Cees Withagen

Scott Barrett 

The Economics of Electricity Markets, by Daryl R. Biggar and Mohammed Reza Hesamzadeh

Frode Skjeret 

International Energy Governance. Selected Legal Issues, by Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis, and Ehab S. Abu Gosh

Iva Mihaylova


Publication Overview


  • Jean-Michel Glachant | FSR Director and Loyola de Palachio Chair, EUI


  • Paul L. JoskowMIT and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, USA  
  • Michael PollittCambridge University, United Kingdom

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