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The Automobile Revolution: Towards a New Electro-Mobility Paradigm

Author(s): PEREZ Yannick

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This book discusses cars of the future and the new socio-economic paradigm that they represent. It examines the electromobility revolution in the traditional automotive industry and brings together multidisciplinary expertise to provide insights into the shift towards electromobility. New vehicular technologies may develop in various directions, including the smart car, and this context raises two important questions: will car manufactures maintain control over the industry? And if so, will they be able to come up with sufficiently radical innovations to steer us into the electromobility of tomorrow? One thing is certain: the transition to electromobility will be a revolution. The book’s combined approach to understanding this complex reality enables readers to better visualize the possible future directions. It offers anyone interested in electromobility an excellent review of the subject and a useful roadmap to future developments. 

Find the full book, which includes a chapter by FSR energy Adviser Yannik Perez (Transmission System Operator Regulation for Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Survey of the Issues), here.