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Research Report / Energy

An EU-wide survey of energy regulators' performance

Author(s): GLACHANT Jean-Michel

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Should we assess the performances of regulators? Of course yes. How could we? Of course we might have models, data base and econometrics. Why not to also collect evidences from the regulated companies? How do they rank their national regulator for “capability”, “management & governance”, “Effectiveness”, and “Social Benefits”? Do they all rank all their national regulators the same? Are “single-sector” ranked the same than “multiple-sector” regulators? Are the “small” ranked the same than the “large” regulators.

Collecting such evidence is key to open new questioning, new thinking, new reasoning. This study , in cooperation with Price WaterHouse Coopers, covers 18 countries through an online questionnaire open to regulated grids. In addition eight European bodies (from European Commission to Industrial Energy Consumers) are interviewed to enlarge the evidence collection.