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Research Report / Energy

A New EU Energy Technology Policy towards 2050: Which Way to Go? (THINK Topic 9)

Author(s): RUESTER Sophia, FINGER Matthias, SCHWENEN Sebastian, LASSOURCE Adeline, GLACHANT Jean-Michel

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Challenges for policy makers are huge if the EU climate policy goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050 shall be reached. There is no doubt that a new energy technology policy design for the post-2020 period is needed, not only because the current policy framework is running out in 2020, but also because of increasing global competitive pressure in the low-carbon technology sectors. Moreover, as market actors are calling for new, transparent and lasting policy commitments now, the policy will likely be negotiated in times of financial crisis and institutional frictions in the EU, of which no one can predict its duration.
To contribute to this debate and assist DG ENER in preparing a new Communication on ‘Energy Technologies in a future European Energy Policy’, this THINK report develops and discusses possible paths for a renewed EU energy technology policy towards 2050. We give recommendations for a renewed post-2020 SET Plan and European technology push taking into account that the policy context is uncertain and that not all possible futures are recognized in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050 yet.

THINK Topic 9 was led by Matthias Finger.

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