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1st European Rail Transport Regulation Summary

Author(s): FINGER Matthias, ROSA Andrea, LAPERROUZA Marc

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The present document summarizes the content of the presentations delivered during the workshop on “aims, models and powers of rail regulators” held in Fiesole on 15 November 2010 and the ensuing discussion. This report is divided in two sections, the first of which dedicated to the summaries of the presentations and the second one giving a brief account of the debate.

Presentations have been delivered by several rail regulation stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, an EC representative, railway undertakings, infrastructure managers, capacity allocators, and academics. They have offered their view of the aims, models and powers of rail regulators in the current evolving market and regulatory framework.

The debate that followed spanned the topics suggested by the title and has included a lively discussion on issues within railway markets such as the organization of the railway market, the access to railway related services, the barriers to entry, the need for a wide and long term view and for alignment in a vertically separated industry, and the role that regulators may or should play. Underpinning much of the debate was the Recast of the First railway package, recently put forward by the European Commission.

Altogether, most participants underlined the need for regulators that are:

  • independent 
  • effective 
  • competent 
  • transparent 
  • consistent 
  • rapid