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Workshop Paper / Transport

1st Florence Air Forum Summary

Author(s): FINGER Matthias, ROSA Andrea, LAPERROUZA Marc

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The present document summarizes the content of the presentations delivered during the 1st European Air Transport Regulation Forum (1st EAirTRF) held in Fiesole on 15 October 2010 and the ensuing discussion.

Presentations have been delivered by several stakeholders including representatives of the EC, Eurocontrol, SESAR-JU, EASA, National Regulators, ANSPs, Airlines, Low Cost Airlines, and academics.

The debate that followed touched upon the current developments in the regulation of the air transport industry and in its enabling technology, the environmental issues linked to air transport, the instability of the industry as show by past experience, passenger rights, airport congestion and competition, and included comments on existing and current scholarly research on air transport regulation. The debate was also an occasion to stimulate stakeholders on which items should be included in the research agenda of the transport area of the Florence School of Regulation.