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Publication of A New Working Paper- A Programme for the New Network Industries

Digitalisation is transforming network industries. The new data layer on top of infrastructures and transport services improves efficiency in the management of traditional networks. However, traditional network managers can be disrupted as their infrastructures and services become intermediated by digital platforms in situation to create more powerful network effects by coordinating previously fragmented or isolated infrastructures and services (indirect and data network effects). As a matter of fact, digital platforms present the transformative characteristics of network industries: network effects, efficiency, scale, concentration, market power, etc. Digital platforms are “the new network industries”. The Working Paper ‘A Programme for the New Network Industries’ identifies the key challenges of digitalization for traditional network industries and defines a research programme for the new network industries.


 Matthias Finger

  • Professor, Swiss Post Chair in Management of Network Industries, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • Part-time professor, Florence School of Regulation, Transport Area Director

Juan José Montero

  • Professor of Administrative Law and Economic Regulation, Departamento de Derecho administrativo, UNED University

  • Part-time professor, Florence School of Regulation Transport Area


Download full pdf – EUI RSCAS; 2018/41-A programme for the new network industries