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Post-Brexit EU-UK Cooperation in Climate and Energy Policy

What sort of a Union is the EU exactly, and what is it aspiring to become? And what are the
shortcomings in EU climate & policy approaches which could be improved by continuing to work
with a more sovereign UK when it comes to climate policies?

What are the options open for the governance of UK-EU27 relations in energy & climate – in general
and in specific areas such as the international energy markets, the electricity market, the EU ETS and other related areas?

These are some of the issues which will be addressed today, 10 April 2018, at a workshop organised by FSR Energy & Climate. 

The workshop will gather together a few experts working on the European and UK climate and energy  policies (mainly from FSR and UCL) to discuss the possible implications that Brexit can have on the EU-UK cooperation in climate and energy policy.

The workshop is a by invitation only event.

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