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Irina Lapenkova

Research Associate, FSR Transport Coordinator

Before joining the FSR team as Research Associate in February 2018 Irina Lapenkova was employed by the city of Turku (Finland). She represented interests of the city of Turku in St. Petersburg (Russia). Irina was responsible for establishing and promoting cooperation between the city authorities and institutions, science parks, SMEs, research centers and NGOs. Prior to that Irina worked in the area of Public Relations.

Irina holds a MA Degree in EU Studies from the Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE) and a BA degree in Finnish Language and Culture from St. Petersburg State University. In 2016 Irina gained a qualification of Policy Officer in European and International Organizations (CIFE, Berlin). She speaks Russian, English, and Finnish.

Irina coordinates the activities of FSR Transport and is responsible for the organization of the Florence Transport Forums and Annual Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures. Irina is a managing editor of the Network Industries Quarterly (NIQ).