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Diego Giron Estrada

Research Associate

Diego worked as an urban planner and mobility expert for the Municipality of Guatemala City for over 10 years. As a consultant he was one of the main professionals in charge of designing, planning and coordinating the BRT system (TRANSMETRO) of Guatemala City, implementing the Master Plan for Alternative Transport (Bike paths network in Guatemala City) and its integration to the public transport system. In addition, he also conducted urban revitalization and sustainability research. In recent year he also served as a member of several multicultural teams in The Netherlands working as a consultant in Metabolic, Amsterdam and Erasmus University IHS, Rotterdam, before joining FSR team as Research Associate. His research interests are deeply rooted in a multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach to assess sustainability challenges in an urban context.

Diego holds a BS in architecture and a MSc in Urban Management and Development with a specialization in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change from IHS Erasmus Rotterdam.