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Tiago Barros Correia

Visiting Fellow

Tiago de Barros Correia is an Economist and a former Director of the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL). 
He is a career public servant at the Brazilian federal level and joined the Ministry of Planning and Budget as a Specialist in Public Policies and Government Management in 2005. His professional experience is pervasive, having occupied senior positions at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Ministry of Finance, the Brazilian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANATEL), Secretariat of Ports of the Presidency and the ANEEL. His duties at public service had emphasis in the infrastructure sector and embodied a large array of topics such as: the proposition of public policies, program management, design and building projects, regulation, oversight and enforcement.

His Alma Mater is the Brazilian Ivy league Unicamp (Campinas State University) from which he got both his degree in Economics and his master’s in Energy Systems Planning.

The main fields of interest for him are: economic regulation of infrastructure and infrastructure and renewable sources design.