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Field and Lab Experiments in Climate Policy

This technical workshop, organised by Max Weber Programme in cooperation with FSR Climate, will focus on the analysis of various behavioural issues in climate change policy. The event will take place on Tuesday, 10 May at the Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana from 14:00 – 18:45. 

In Autumn 2015, two leading figures in the field of climate change economics and policy, Prof. Martin Weitzman and Lord Nicholas Stern delivered public lectures at the EUI. Both stressed the
uniqueness and the unprecedented scale of the challenge posed by climate change to humanity. 

The recent COP21 conference in Paris was a long waited step towards tackling climate change. However, many voices raised the idea that such an agreement will be difficult to implement  due to its lack of real binding commitments by the involved countries. What are the prospects for effectively implementing such an agreement?

The event will discuss the application of experimental methods and research techniques, with a special focus on how they might be used to guide and better understand climate policy.

Read more and register from the Event web page.