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Executive Course to master Electricity Markets

FSR’s new two-day course providing a comprehensive overview of the world of electricity markets starts today.

The Executive Course to master Electricity Markets discusses the micro-economics of wholesale power markets and their implications for energy policies.

To kick off the highly-interactive training participants are taking part in a special simulation: Adam Smith’s invisible hand – the spot market game and debrief.

This game illustrates the central efficiency properties of markets – and their limitations. Participants exchange a commodity that possesses many features of electricity. Equilibrium prices and profits are computed, and shown to converge towards the most efficient outcome. However, market imperfections such as limits to trade or the ability to manipulate prices, reduce the efficiency of markets.

Listen to Thomas-Oliver Léautier and Fabien Roques talk about the topics covered in this course in our podcast series:

Thomas-Olivier Leautier talks about Executive Course to Master Electricity Markets 

Fabien Roques Talks About Demand Response

For additional information please visit the course webpage.