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The Observer – Disruptive technologies in air traffic management

Technological change in Air Traffic Management (ATM) usually develops at a slow pace, understandably so given the high safety requirements, the enormous coordination effort needed to harmonize standards around the world and the relatively small size of the global ATM technology market (e.g. compared to consumer electronics). Real technological “disruptions” are therefore so far associated with other sectors in which market forces play a stronger role. Yet new potentially disruptive technologies are emerging in ATM together with the need  to boost productivity and innovation speed.

At the 8th Florence Air Forum high level representatives from European Commission, SESAR JU, Eurocontrol and several other bodies and agencies, stakeholders and academics had the chance to discuss the different aspects of innovation in Air Traffic Management (ATM). 

Download now the summary of the presentations and the European Transport Regulation Observer. On the dedicated webpage, all presentations are available!