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8th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures- submit your abstract

The Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures is the annual event that brings together all the Areas of the Florence School of Regulation. This 8th  edition aims […] read more

Network Industries



Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 4 – The path towards digitalisation in road infrastructure

This special issue offers an overview on digitalisation in road infrastructure. Digitalisation has a vertical impact across the several layers of the road system. This […] read more

Network Industries

Network Industries. A New Series of Policy Briefs

We are happy to introduce a new series of quarterly Network Industries policy briefs. Their aim is to complement the quarterly issues of the NIQ, […] read more

Network Industries



Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 3 – New network structures: decentralization, prosumers and the role of online platforms

This issue of the Network Industries Quarterly looks into the major challenges infrastructure regulation is currently facing as a result of technology, indirect network effects, […] read more




New Working Paper: Can Regulation Improve Service Quality?

Under EU Air Passenger Rights legislation (“EC261”), carriers must provide assistance and cash compensation to passengers in case of long delay. This new EUI Working […] read more




Conclusions of the Seminar on European Regulation of Airport Charges, 28 May 2018

For the second time FSR Transport has brought together a round of experts to discuss the topic of Airport Charges Regulation, specifically a possible revision […] read more

Network Industries



Publication of A New Working Paper- A Programme for the New Network Industries

Digitalisation is transforming network industries. The new data layer on top of infrastructures and transport services improves efficiency in the management of traditional networks. However, […] read more


Event Highlights


The 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures- Interviews with the Authors of the Best Papers are available

The 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures took place in Florence on June 21st and June 22nd, 2018. The 7th edition of the conference aimed […] read more


The Observer


The Observer-Improving European Rail Freight

This Policy Brief reflects upon the discussions at the 16th Florence Rail Forum that took place in Florence on May 7th 2018. On the dedicated webpage, […] read more

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How to define, measure, and improve the performance of the European railway system?

- Rail

Railway traffic in Europe has increased over the past decade, and it is the aim of European policy makers to further promote the shift of passenger and cargo traffic from road to rail. However, to make railways the backbone of an efficient, sustainable and cohesive multimodal mobility system, the overall performance of the railway system has to improve. Even though everyone agrees on this, the very definition of performance and especially its  measurement remains controversial.