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Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 1 – The general framework for liberalization and regulation of public utilities in countries of ex-Yugoslavia

This edition of Network Industries Quarterly aims to provide insights into the general legal framework for liberalization and regulation of public utilities, notably communal services, […] read more



The Observer


The Observer – A European single market for road transport?

The Florence Road Forum on January 23rd, 2017 took stock of existing initiatives and looked at new approaches to solving some of the most pressing issues in […] read more


Matthias Finger


Antwerp Rail School 2017 – From basic rail knowledge to rail insiders’ strategies

FSR-Transport Director, Prof Matthias Finger, is teaching this week at the fifth edition of the “Antwerp Rail School: from basic rail knowledge to rail insiders’ […] read more


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CRNI is now live on SAGE Journals

Commencing in 2017 SAGE is delighted to be the new publisher of Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (CRNI). We are building on the 16-year […] read more




Management of Smart Cities Online Course: register now!

Learn about the principles of management of urban infrastructures in the era of Smart Cities thanks to the first “smart cities online course” offered on […] read more


The Observer


The Observer – Rail passenger security: is it a challenge for the Single European Railway Area?

The aim of the 13th Florence Rail Forum was to look at the most controversial aspects creating a tension between increasing the level of security […] read more

Energy PolicyRoad

FSR Regulatory Policy Workshop Series 2016-2017

Event Highlights


Competition and Regulatory Aspects of Electric Vehicles Charging | Perspectives from the FSR Policy Workshop

In recent years, the EU has strengthened its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aiming to a 40% GHG decrease by 2030 (with respect […] read more



Call for papers: 6th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (abstracts submission by 15 February 2017)

The call for papers for the 6th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures: Regulatory challenges for smart cities (16 June 2017) is now open! Abstract submission by 15 February 2017 read more




Network Industries Quarterly, Vol. 18, No 4 – Reform of the Railway Sector and its Achievements

In the last three decades, state-owned railways have been reformed in many countries. The Japanese National Railways (JNR) was the first railway system to be […] read more

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CRNI is now live on SAGE Journals

- Transport

Commencing in 2017 SAGE is delighted to be the new publisher of Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (CRNI).

We are building on the 16-year tradition and strength of the existing Intersentia Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, yet strive to evolve it into an even higher quality journal. We will address the increasingly urgent challenge of governing (and regulating) complex and dynamic socio-technical systems (e.g., energy, transport, water, communication, urban systems) so as to make these systems more efficient, sustainable and resilient. In particular, we will take into account the fact that digitalization is rapidly pervading all infrastructures.

Network industries are caught between technological developments, evolving competition and regulation. At the same time, significant innovations – especially in the field of ICTs – offer new opportunities for infrastructure operations and governance. Exploring this combined technological and institutional dynamics between competition and regulation provides a fascinating field of research that challenges academics, managers and policy-makers alike.

The Journal and submission guidelines 

The new Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that meets high academic standards. Resolutely interdisciplinary in nature, CRNI favors articles that combine economic, legal, policy and engineering approaches. Therefore, we are looking for articles that link theory with practical relevance: they should make contributions to theory and methodology development, yet always build on solid empirical research, both quantitative and qualitative. Moreover, articles that establish links between the evolving network industries are of particular interest.

The Journal engages in a collaborative discussion with the authors to produce the highest possible quality articles. Articles can be submitted anytime and will be double-blind peer-reviewed. After acceptance, the Journal publishes articles online on a rolling basis. Each year, the Journal publishes 4 paper issues, containing each 4 to 6 articles.

Read how to submit your article: submission guidelines 

The publisher SAGE and the CRNI Editorial Board

SAGE is a leading international provider of innovative, high-quality content publishing more than 1000 journals and over 800 new books each year, spanning a wide range of subject areas. The growing selection of library products includes archives, data, case studies and video.

The Editorial Board of the CRNI is composed of the Editor in Chief, Prof Matthias Finger (Full Professor and Chair of Managment of Netowrk Industries at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Part-time Professor at the Florence School of Regulation/European University Institute), and carefully selected Associate Editors that cover all the relevant academic disciplines, the main infrastructures and the regions of the world. 

Discover the Board: Editorial Board

The Annual Conference 

The Journal holds an annual conference at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) in June. The Journal offers a fast-track review process to the papers presented there. Regional conferences will be organized on an irregular basis in Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Turkey.

Read more about the 2017 Conference: 6th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures. Regulatory challenges for smart cities (Florence, June 16th 2017)