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Can Renewable Gas Contribute to the EU Decarbonisation Efforts?

Last Monday, the 9th of April 2018, the Florence School of Regulation organised a Policy Workshop “The Renewable Gas Complex and the European Path to […] read more


Andris Piebalgs

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Bottlenecks for delivering renewable gas

Written by Andris Piebalgs FSR Topic of the Month: Renewable Gas #4 Looking at the future of renewable gases or ‘green gas’ in Europe, it is […] read more


Jean Michel Glachant



FSR in Tokyo! Trading LNG at liquid and flexible hubs

On the 27th of March, Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation will participate in the workshop on ‘Trading LNG at liquid and […] read more


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The European experience with Renewable Gas

FSR Topic of the Month: Renewable Gas #3 Written by Maria Olczak and Andris Piebalgs   In the 2012 assessment of the biogas development potential in Europe, Floris […] read more


Andris Piebalgs

Topic of the Month


What is renewable gas?

FSR Topic of the Month: Renewable Gas #2 Written by Maria Olczak and Andris Piebalgs Biogas, biomethane, green hydrogen, and synthetic natural gas (SNG) are all […] read more


Andris Piebalgs

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Could gas be a destination fuel for Europe?

Gas is well placed to supply back-up to intermittent renewable electricity because of the flexibility and short start-up times... read more

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Who are ‘protected customers’ for the EU Regulation(s) for security of gas supply? The Eni SpA and Others case (C-226/16) and the margin of discretion of Member States

By Lucila de Almeida and Lavinia Tănase The Russia-Ukraine crisis in January 2009 brought an unprecedented disruption for the gas supply in Europe. It also […] read more


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All you need to know on the EU energy market in 2018-2019… in one interview!

The FSR is pleased to publish an exclusive interview to Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (Director, DG ENER), by Ilaria Conti (Head of FSR Gas Area) – recorded […] read more


Ilaria and Andris



FSR Gas area’s first year of life

The FSR Gas area was officially born in February 2017, almost one year ago – but its first year of life was so hectic that […] read more

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Sergio Ascari

FSR’s study on Ukrainian gas presented at EU Commission’s Eastern Partnership Meeting

- Gas

The Florence School of Regulation has been invited by the European Commission to present at the 17th Meeting of the Eastern Partnership Platform 3 on Energy Security, taking place today (23 June 2017) in Brussels.

The event, organized side-by-side with the EU Sustainable Energy Week (19-25 June 2017), analyses the current trends in the regional energy cooperation and investigates the latest challenges and opportunities provided by the growing engagement of consumers in the energy markets of the Eastern partner countries.

In this framework, the FSR Gas Advisor Sergio Ascari gives a presentation on the increasingly active role of consumers and consequent impact in the evolving gas market in Ukraine. Such preliminary findings are part of a broader report on the future of the Ukrainian gas market that will be published by the FSR later in July 2017.

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