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Athens Conference on European Energy Law: Programme Just Released!

This year will mark the second edition of the Athens Conference on European Energy Law, which will take place on 29 September 2017.

The initiative aims to build upon our efforts to shed light on the key issues affecting Greece and the surrounding Eastern Mediterranean region, bringing together academics, institutional representatives, and key market players for debate and discussion. The conference will particularly focus on four subjects. The opening session will consider the recent discovery of hydrocarbons in the region, exploring the geopolitical implications of the burgeoning market, the potential for regional cooperation and the opportunities posed by these developments. Following this, the focus will turn to the ongoing debate surrounding transnational pipelines and the application of EU rules. To what extent can compatibility with the principles of the Energy Union and EU law be imposed on pipeline projects with third countries? The third session of the conference will consider the EU hydrocarbon market and the development of the gas market design, looking at the future of gas in a decarbonised energy market. The final session of the conference will consider the EU electricity market design and evaluate the challenges of creating a competitive market in electricity supply.


Find the full draft programme for the conference here and the registration here.

Please note, that registration will close on 18 September.