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The Florence School of Regulation

The FSR delivers high-quality and relevant academic thinking on EU policy and regulation in the areas of Energy, Climate, Transport, Communications & Media and Water.

For more than 10 years, the school has been providing the most advanced professional trainings as well as a wide range of events that bring together the leading representatives of academia, private companies and regulators.




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Jean-Michel Glachant


FSR Director and Loyola de Palacio Chair

Selected news from the Energy sector year-round, worldwide: follow the FSR Director to stay-up-to-date on European energy policy and economics.

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What they say about FSR

I have always wanted to maintain my involvement with the School because I think it offers an excellent opportunity for discussing and debating policy and regulatory issues, current and future, in an open and neutral environment, among policy makers, regulators and stakeholders.


 Alberto Pototschnig, Director ACER and in charge of the FSR Policy Workshop Series

At the Florence School of Regulation, you can enjoy the friendliness but also the academic excellence.

The School is a highly successful operation of great use to the regulatory community.

  Lord Mogg, President, Council of European Energy Regulators and Chair of Board of Regulators ACER

Making known and sharing the stakes of a TSO, at the heart of discussions between all the major players in Europe: a must to light a way.

This is, in particular, what the Florence School of Regulation offers with talent!

 Jean-Pierre Gerard, Direction des Finances - RTE

From the TSOs perspective, we’re really happy the Florence School exists.

The discussion fora it creates are really valuable and the level of discussion always very high and relevant.

 Konstantin Staschus | Secretary-General, European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)



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