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Topic of the month: Going Greener – some legal do’s and don’ts

by Leigh Hancher 25 October, 2016

Greening Transport up to 2020 and Beyond

The RES Directive of 2009 also set a binding sub- target for the transport sector of 10% from renewable sources 10% by 2020. This target (as well as the sub target for heat and cooling) is often overlooked. While many Member States claim to be well on the road to meeting their RES targets for electricity production few can assert that they are likely to meet the 10% transport target.

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Energy News & Blog


The FSR in Paraguay

Renewables 24 October, 2016

Jean-Michel Glachant is in Paraguay to participate in the Symposium ‘Ciencia, Tecnología, Educación e Innovación’ which will be held in Asunción on Tuesday 25 October. Programme available here The FSR Director had the chance to visit the Itapu Dam, one of the world’s largest generators of renewable energy. The Itaipu dam is 7,919 meters long (counting […] read more

Europe and US

Antitrust Investigation: General Electric / Alstom Merger

Energy Law | Energy Law & Policy 19 October, 2016

Gianni de Stefano from the Brussels office of Hogan Lovells International LLP and Pierre Loaec, policy officer at the European Commission (DG Energy) discuss the Commission’s antitrust investigation into the acquisition of the thermal power, renewable power and grid businesses of French multinational Alstom by the US-based General Electric (GE). read more

Leigh Hancher

More Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Energy Law | Energy Law & Policy | Topic of the month 19 October, 2016

Written by Leigh Hancher Last week I discussed the recent CJEU ruling in Essent Belgium[1]. We saw that the Belgian system for promoting green energy got a red light because the Court held that there were other potential ways to promote green energy without infringing the Treaty rules on free movement and the basic principles of […] read more

Jean-Michel and Alberto

A powerful 2016 at FSR Energy & Climate

Energy 17 October, 2016

The Florence School of Regulation warmly welcomes its new Donors, contributing to make 2016 a powerful and sincerely engaging academic year. Our Donors community has been joined by: 2 new “Major Donors”: EPEX SPOT and Netbeheer Nederland; 5 new “Associate Donors”: ENTSO-E, Ontras, Open Grid Europe, SNAM and TenneT. read more

Leigh Hancher

Free Network Access for Green Energy – red or green light?

Energy Law | Energy Law & Policy | Topic of the month 11 October, 2016

EU Member States are required to meet binding national renewable energy (RES) targets in accordance with the current ‘RES’ Directive of 2009[1] and must aim at ensuring that up to 20% of their energy production is generated from renewable sources. The RES Directive anticipates that these ambitious targets can only be met with some form of government support. That might be direct financial support - in EU legal terms, state aid – or it might involve giving RES-generation easier routes to reach markets. The current RES Directive as well as its predecessor, the RES Directive of 2001 do indeed contemplate that various types of support can be taken in the pursuit of national targets. [2] Unfortunately neither Directive spells out the broader legal constraints on the options available to Member States to promote more green electricity. read more

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